2015-2019 - Circus Program Coordinator - La Luna Youth Arts Townsville

Rebekah was the Circus Program Coordinator at La Luna Youth Arts, Townsville. She taught weekly workshops in social circus and skills progression for 18months - 50+years, as well as outreach workshops in schools, at events and in the community.

2012-2014 - Head Circus Trainer - Bathurst PCYC

Rebekah was the head circus trainer for the weekly circus classes established through the Bathurst Smashed Arts Program, and now running at the Bathurst PCYC


March 2012 & April 2014 – Circus Workshop Facilitator – Catapult Festival Bathurst​

During the bi-annual Catapult Festival held in Bathurst, Rebekah facilitated stiltwalking and poi workshops for schools and the family day in the park.


March 2012 – Circus Workshop Facilitator – Orange school holiday program

In March, Rebekah travelled to Orange for two days with renowned circus performer Daniel Aubin, to facilitate a weekend of workshops with people from the highschool, and performers in an upcoming production Showtrain.


Jan 2012 – Circus/Film Workshop Facilitator – Grenfell school holiday program

In January, Rebekah travelled to Grenfell for four day with two other facilitators, to hold circus and film workshops with children aged 6-18 from the Grenfell schools, in preparation for the annual Henry Lawson Festival.



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