Snatch Theatre Company


In early 2014, Rebekah came together with fellow emerging artist and friend Lindsey Montgomery to form Snatch Theatre Company - an independant production company dedicated to creating locally based, regional theatre, working with fellow emerging artists and creating quirky, original work relevant to our audience.


Snatch Theatre Company's premiere work Impact is a show about the serious relationships we encounter in the early years of our adult life. The show explores how these relationship affect who we are and the stages they follow. From the first meeting to the last kiss, Snatch uses verbatim and phyical theatre to tell a quirky, funny tale about love in your early 20's.


Directed by emerging artist Rebekah Kordas and designed by emerging artist Lindsey Montgomery, the first development of Impact premiered at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Center on January 23rd-24th, 2015.

















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