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Lively and free. Used chiefly as a direction. To be played in a free and lively style.​

Capriccioso was Rebekah's third year major work as a part of the 2012 Sprung Festival - an annual festival showcasing the major works of the third year Ba Communication(Theatre/Media) students at Charles Sturt University Bathurst. Having not previously performed in a Commedia Del'Arte style, she took on this as an exciting new learning experience. However, performance was not her sole role, she was also Movement Director and Make-Up artist. 



Capriccioso is a playful and salacious romp, exploring the duality of human nature and our obsession with our inner most desires. Deriving from the base elements of Commedia Del’ Arte, it reflects these stock characters in a contemporary and jestful light. Placing them within a modern society Capriccioso lets us poke fun at our ever so present caricatures, from the money hungry businessman to love sick adolescents, and of course the pompous, private school captain.  Set to an outrageous, thumping, synthy live score. This show will draw you into a bright, colourful and playful world. Your sides will split and tears of laughter will roll, as you watch these ridiculous characters bounce around the stage trying to keep their lascivious desires in check. So come and play with Capriccioso, these visceral and raucous performances will not disappoint.​

Jordan Gallaway

Rebekah Kordas                                                                    September 2012
Movement Director                                                                   ​Tues 25th Sep 9:00pm
Makeup Artist                                                                           Thur 27th Sep 6:30pm
Performer                                                                                  Fri 28th Sep 6:30pm
Luke James                                                                             Sat 29th 6:30pm
Musical director
Michelle Sverdloff-Bruer                                                       Festival Marquee
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Kate Johnston                                                              
Costume designer                                                           
Jessica Pantano
Costume designer
Nicola McMurdo
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Jake Swinn

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