No, You Eat It!

A Fresh, Fruity, Frolic through Comedy, Circus and Music...​



"No, You Eat It!" is a fresh mix of
- live music
- acrobatics
- shadow puppetry
- shower body percussion
Did you say shower body percussion?

No, You Eat It! was the 2011 BA Communication(Theatre/Media) second year students yearly production. A cabaret showcasing the diverse range of skills within the year, this production took place in the Ponton Theatre at the Charles Sturt University Bathurst campus.

Two segments from No, You Eat It! then went on to be performed at the 2012 Catapult Festival at the Opening Night and The Renegade Show.


THURS 11th AUGUST at 7pm
FRI 12th AUGUST at 7pm
SAT 13th AUGUST at 7pm

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