Below are a list of productions that Rebekah has been involved in doing crew work from 2010-2012 at Charles Sturt University. Through doing these productions, she has been able to further her knowledge in areas of management, design and construction.



Remember Keh'na - 2014

Set Design/Construction


Remember Keh'na is a student produced performance developed for the Sprung Festival in 2014.


Remember Keh'na is an outdoor performance piece set on Mars, and explores the use of film projection, fire-manipulation, physical theatre and narration to tell a complex tale of a young man oppressed by his society, governed by a dictator named Vehn'to. The story follows his exile where he meets his mentor Mae'ra and leads to a final, fatal face-off.


Produced by emerging artists, the performance is directed by Kieran Gale, film directed by Johnaton Bonham and written by Jake Swinn, Remember Keh'na can be seen September 30, October 2-3.

The Catapult Festival - 2014

PA to Festival Coordinator


In 2014 Rebekah resumed her previous role as Personal Assisstant to the Festival Coordinator and Festival Production Assisstant for the Catapult Festival. Aside from her main roles, she also performed with the Straight Up Acrobats on the Opening Night, and in Stalker Theatre's premier showing of Switch.

Catapult is a biennial festival with a focus of Circus & Physical Theatre, taking centre stage in Bathurst NSW and focuses on emerging artists and developing industry standards.

Mullum Circus Festival - 2013

Festival Production Assisstant


In 2013, Rebekah travelled to Mullumbimby, NSW to take the role as Festival Production Assisstant for the Mullum Circus Festival. Rebekah's duties included programming, inventory, merchandising, delegate liaison, site bump-in and bump-out and Stage Management.


This was Rebekah's second involvement in helping run a national festival which has set her on an exciting path for the future.

Capriccioso - 2013

Movement Director/Make-up Artist

Capriccioso was Rebekah's third year major work as a part of the Sprung Festival 2012. Having not previously performed in a Commedia Del'Arte style, she took on this as an exciting new learning experience. However, performance was not her sole role, she was also Movement Director and Make-Up artist.

This was Rebekah's first time as Movement Directer and it enabled her to share her movement skills and knowledge with a newly formed company. She also took on make-up as secondary role to gain some experience in a concept that she had not previously worked on.

Reductio Ad - 2013

Set Design/Construction


Reductio Ad was the third year production for Theatre/Media students in 2012. Rebekah took on set design and construction to gain further knowledge and experience in this field.

Through collaboration with industry professional Karl Shead, Rebekah was able to help bring to life a world of destruction and abandonment in this original Australian work.

The Catapult Festival - 2012

PA to Festival Coordinator

In 2012 Rebekah took an internship with the Bathurst Catapult Festival. Her main role was acting as Personal Assistant to Festival Coordinator Peta Johnston, but she also performed re-worked excerpts from No, You Eat It! - a 2011 University production, at the Opening night of the festival and the Renegade Show.

Catapult is a biennial festival with a focus of Circus & Physical Theatre, taking centre stage in Bathurst NSW and focuses on emerging artists and developing industry standards.

Through this internship, Rebekah was able to gain close insight into what it takes to run a national festival. Rebekah's duties included liaison with delegates and performers, organising transport and accommodation for festival delegates, and working closely with Peta Johnston throughout the duration of the festival.

On The Shoulders of Giants - 2011

Costume Design/Construction

On the Shoulders of Giants is a 50-minute devised piece of work that plays with the themes: community, family, human connection and all the little things that often make up an ordinary day.

For the second stage development of the show, Rebekah took on the role of costume design/construction. This enabled Rebekah to showcase her skills with a sewing machine and create something from a subjective point of view, as she was performing in the show as well. This was Rebekah's first time doing costume for a physical theatre show.

Village Fair - 2011

Stage Management

Village Fair is a long running music festival based in Bathurst since 1974. It has increasingly expanded to include not only local indie music acts, but also popular Australian headliners.

Previous acts include: Sneaky Sound System, The Potbelleez, Sparkadia, Owl Eyes, Miami Horror, Bluejuice, The Jezabels, British India, Kisschasy, Little Birdy, Machine Gun Fellatio, Bag RaidersCloud ControlThe Basics, Van She, Snob Scrilla and Aston Shuffle.

This was Rebekah's first time managing a festival stage, and was an invaluable experience outside of the theatre setting.

The 7pm Projects - 2011

Stage Management

The 7pm Projects was a series of 15minute outdoor hip-hop comedy shows spoofing the news and current affairs, as a part of the 2011 Sprung Festival. This experience enabled Rebekah to gain an understanding of how to manage outdoor theatre within a festival environment.

Beyond Therapy - 2011

Set Design/Construction

Beyond Therapy is a play by Christopher Durang that was performed through the Bathurst Arts and Theatrical Society. Doing set design and construction for this show was a challenge for Rebekah as there were so many large set requirements and only a small stage. 

Through this production, Rebekah was able to explore her interest in construction for theatre, as well as helping to bring to life someone else's vision.

With Friends Like You - 2010

Stage Management


With Friends Like You is a drama/comedy exploring, challenging and rediscovering people you meet throughout a lifetime.

Performed in 2010 as a part of the annual Bathurst Sprung Festival, this was Rebekah's first experience in stage managing in her first year studying at Charles Sturt University. This experience sparked Rebekah's interest in pursuing stage and events management as a future career option.

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