Whe​n the Gods wage war, whose side will you choose?

When two generations of ancient gods prepare to wage war against each other for the second time, Gaia, the Earth goddess, must help her children restore balance to the world, or risk losing everything.

Based on the Ancient Greek creation myth, Titanomachy is an original physical theatre work by Master of Arts Practice student Adam Deusien, that promises to be an exciting and visceral theatrical experience that will leave you re-examining your connection to the Earth.

Oh my Gods- EXCITING!

The battle between the Titans and Olympians is a battle between two hilariously distinct generations.

The young Olympians include: lustful little Aphrodite, bogan blokey Zeus, heeled envious Hera, knocked-up alco mum Hestia, gossip spanky-pants Hermes and herb-fuelled hippy Poseidon.

Revenge on lost years is the aim for the straight down the line Ancient Titans which include: slimy Styx, almighty Cronus, feisty Themis, tough-guy Hyperion and earthly Rhea.


Show Dates:

7.00pm Wednesday, April 27th
7.00pmThursday April 28th
11.00am and 6.00pm Friday April 29th

Performed at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre.




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